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The Cornerstones of the Customer Experience 1: Presented Image

In my last article, I said that the audio codec is one of the cornerstones of the customer experience. That kind of begs the question, "What are the others?" As it turns out there are quite a few corners to the customer experience. In order of contact they are: presented image, initial expectations, enrollment process, service deployment, call completion, audio quality, dial pad features, technical support, and customer service. I'm going to run briefly through each of these here. The audio quality is already addressed at length in its own article and I might just turn the others into their own articles as well. Each could certainly be the topic of an entire book if I had that kind of time on my hands.

Cornerstone of VoIP Customer Service 1: Presented Image

It is critically important that the first impression be the right one for your prospective customer. They are used to communications companies being big, smooth, and somewhat uncaring. Somehow the wire-line providers have managed to align their images with the same kind of detached professionalism as commonly seen in medical specialists. Managing to establish an image like that is an admirable accomplishment from a marketing standpoint because the customer has been made to actually find comfort in mild (or not-so-mild) abuse. Read More
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