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Why Selling Cheap VoIP Won’t Make You Money

It’s a sales formula that, unfortunately, many businessmen still hold foremost. It goes like this: you get a cheap product, offer it for a little markup; and, since it’s cheap, many people will buy. The assumption that mass selling can result in profit is a mistake that many have made.

Definitely, this formula has no place in the ever-competitive VoIP industry. Of course, there are those companies (hello, Vonage?!) that claim to sell cheap. However, if you inspect their payment terms more closely, you’ll find a bevy of “hidden fees.” In truth, these companies are priced in the middle, and not at all cheap as they claim. This practice, while it saves their business from financial meltdown, can turn off customers.

And then, there are also others in the VoIP industry who opt to sell cheap VoIP through cheap low-quality VoIP service. They package the service real nicely, making it attractive to bargain hunters. Yet, in the long run, customers tend to abandon because of poor quality, regardless of how cheap they claim to be. (If they need to suffer when it comes to quality, then might as well opt for free services like Skype’s, right?) Read More
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