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Setting Up your Own VoIP

While we’ve talked about Branded Reseller VoIP solely, it is not your only option if you want to get into the VoIP industry. The harder and more costly option is to put up your own VoIP, from scratch.

The cost here is at least a hundred times your average cost for signing up with a wholesale VoIP company. There are reasons to go this road, of course. It is more suited for businessmen with enough capital and time to put up the necessary hardware, software and data/switch centers in order to market to a broader spectrum – that is, resellers and end-users. With this setup, it usually takes a couple of years before you can break even. Likewise, you will be responsible for consistent upgrades and maintenance, as well as the usual network attacks, frauds, spams, online terrorism and what-have-yous.

All things considered, if you still want to put up your VoIP from scratch, here’s what you need (at the very least): Read More
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