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VoIP Services that Give You Real Savings

For the longest time, many VoIP services where you can actually get “real savings” from have been under the shadows (or notoriety) of Vonage and MagicJack, their more popular counterparts. This is, of course, with all due respect to Vonage for its pioneering history – and, in some ways, MagicJack too, for its marketing innovation. The popularity of these brands has helped catapult the public image of VoIP as the practical telecommunications option.

Still, it raises questions. Are Vonage and MagicJack the only real choices for the best VoIP services? Or, is their popularity doing the rest of us a big disfavor? (Us, being legitimate wholesale or retail VoIP service providers with better and more affordable services than Vonage’s and MagicJack’s)

Vonage: Why it’s Not Really Cheap
Vonage is being sold as one of the cheapest, if not the most, amongst the VoIP services around. Is it really? Let’s add things up.

You will need to get set up before you can start using Vonage services. First of all, you need to make sure your broadband internet connection averages between 90 and 200 kbps. If it doesn’t, Vonage VoIP services may not work for you. You also need to get a Vonage branded phone router or adapter. You can’t opt for the cheaper generic routers or adapters. Read More
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