voipspear (iqvoice) wrote,

Business Tip for VoIP Small Businesses: Know Your True Competition

When new to the VoIP industry, one of the most important steps to take is to pick out your competition. This allows your VoIP small business to get a clearer focus of your target market, and align your marketing strategies. The biggest mistake that could be made here is to select the “wrong” VoIP competition.

For example, if you pick a competitor such as Vonage, you may be setting yourself up to make the same mistakes they did/do. Vonage has been reputed to provide only so-so VoIP services. Add to that, they’ve pegged these service so low that they’ve resorted to “other fees.” If you try to compete with their pricing, you might end up offering your customers the same so-so services, while not earning enough to become a profitable business. Read More
Tags: voip business, voip service provider, voip tips
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