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Towards the Future of VoIP with Mobile VoIP
voip telecommunications technology
The news is months past but people are still talking about the partnership between Verizon and Skype Mobile. Logical rivals, this marriage between VoIP and mobile telephony can only mean one thing for the VoIP industry – that it is truly poised for a takeover.

The Time Has Come for Mobile VoIP
In the Verizon and Skype Mobile partnership, Verizon customers can choose to download Skype’s mobile software and use it to stay online, make free Skype-to-Skype calls, or even call international at cheaper VoIP rates. This is available to any Verizon user with 3G-enabled handsets and the appropriate data package. While such partnership can eat up some of Verizon’s call revenues, it can encourage consumer loyalty and some profit through data packages. After all, in the changing telecommunications landscape – where value and quality are coming together via the VoIP industry – mobile carriers have no other choice but to adapt.

Contrast this with AT&T, which continues to fight a losing fight, even choosing to contest the venerable Google’s own mobile VoIP software. Considering the trends, this is a vain attempt to slow down what’s inevitable. With the consistent availability of Wifi, people will opt for the more affordable VoIP options, and the mobile carrier that gives them these options. Read Now