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An Introduction to WISPs and VoIPs

I've decided to devote some space for WISPs here in my blog as these companies are some of the more common new entrants in the VoIP industry. Add to that, they are in a unique position wherein they have the definitive advantage. I'll start off by expounding on this – how WISPs and VoIPs go together.

WISPs’ Definitive Advantage
In so many ways, getting into the VoIP industry is the logical next step for a WISP. First of all, WISPs already have a captive market – their existing customers. They won’t need to spend a lot to reach this market. They can just let them know of new VoIP services through billing statements and mailers. Of course, a consideration here is that the WISP should be providing good ISP service. They need to be able to bank on the good relationship they’ve already established with their existing customers.Read More
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