voipspear (iqvoice) wrote,

a quick note on voip

This is just a quick preview on what to expect from this site. I will be posting updates and excerpts from my sites: http://www.iqvoice.com, http://www.alliancesolutions.biz and http://www.sipphonereport.com.

I will write mostly about the VoIP industry -- VoIP reseller news, tips and updates, and practically anything and everything VoIP. This is work yeah but I really do believe that a lot more people should know about VoIP.

It's been written about so many times. VoIP is the new frontier when it comes to affordable and reliable telecommunications. There are still hindrances to getting to its peak but we are working towards that through technological advancements, more reliable support and information dissemination. 

Check back in soon!
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